No Shoes – No Wi-Fi – No Cell service

At first I was annoyed when I learned there was no cell service at the mountain vacation resort. You see, this was to be a “working vacation” (is this an oxymoron?). There was Wi-Fi service, but it was in the main building which was a 1/4 mile from our unit. However, all of this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I re-learned (yes I have learned this a few times in the past) that I don’t have to be “in touch” all the time. Many peaceful mornings were mine to savor. I checked email only 4 times that week!


Guess what? The “crazy busy” feeling left me. I had a couple of potentially break through ideas for my business, read two books, and really relaxed. I was able to use my cell phone when we drove down to the flatlands to go into town or go sight seeing. I checked my messages, returned important calls, and promptly shut off my phone.


Try this sometime real soon. Find the off button for your “labor saving devices” like the cell phone and email. It will free you up from the non stop; interrupt driven, lifestyle that seems to be the pattern for many business professionals these days. Sometimes if you do less you actually get more from the experience…..and Oh Yeah,…kick off your shoes and go barefoot while you’re at it.


5 Responses to No Shoes – No Wi-Fi – No Cell service

  1. vworkforce says:

    I feel the same way many times. Although these new technological devices are made to make us more productive, it is very easy to become a slave to them. I need to be available for my clients during set hours, but outside of those hours I turn my cell off. Good for you for having a relaxing “work” vacation. I bet if you had cell service you would not have been as relaxed, and those break through ideas would not have come.

    Kimberly Grass, MBA, CRESS
    Virtual Workforce LLC
    “Let Us Lighten the Load”
    Newmarket, NH 03857
    Phone: (603)292-5716
    Fax: (603) 292-5914

  2. Alex says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Throw in a few rainy days and you have the makings of a poem, a novel, a painting, a new venture, a brainstorm, the solution to a problem. Makes me want to take another vacation this week!

    Seriously, I’ve learned from doing much of my work from home that it takes real restraint to not check emails every few minutes. I now have a Blackberry! Heavens, when that thing buzzes at me all I want to do is pick it up and see what has arrived in my inbox. Now I need to re-train myself on how to only check messages on a regular/scheduled basis (even when I’m outside the office) not every time a new message comes in.

  4. coachjimdv says:

    Well said Nadine. All of these “labor saving devices” almost make me wish for the days of no cell phones, no faxes, no email and oh yes – secretaries. A lot got done back then
    (maybe more).

    We all need to shut off our phones, black berries & email a few times per day and as soon as we get home.

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