What you Gonna do for me???

A woman stood up and interrupted a local politician who was speaking about all the wonderful things that his administration was doing for the community.


  “I’m a single mother with 3 kids and I wanna know…What you gonna do for ME?


Our clients, employees, or our bosses don’t usually shout that out in our presence, but you can bet that is what they are thinking. Whoever your “customer’ is you need to be answering that question for them or there is no lasting relationship. Take the time to strategize about what your target audience wants. Then be sure to deliver that to them and you will close more deals, have more productive employees, or a happier boss.


It’s not real complicated. You get what you want by helping others to get what they want.



3 Responses to What you Gonna do for me???

  1. Barbara Case says:

    In another life I worked in a retail environment. There was intense formal training on sales and the one message that we focused on was to always give the customer what they want. If they come in for a convertible, do not show them an SUV, no I did not sell cars. Nonetheless, I agree the same works with anyone you deal with just as this piece explains. Ask the appropriate open ended questions to see what the person wants and deliver it. Thanks Jim for the great reminder!!

  2. Ralph Fucci says:

    As COO, we’ve been changing our “sales focus” to a “customer service” focus since 2003. We measure our success based on helping our customers enhance their brand to their clients.
    The sales numbers and referrals will follow. We have increased our “Sales” by 67% since then.
    Develop your clients’ trust in your efforts to improve their bottom line. The formula works.

  3. Pamela says:

    Jim, you have always been so good at reminding us of the fundamentals that make the biggest difference in terms of individual and team achievements. It is so easy to lose focus and get caught up in the day-to-day noise that distracts us from doing the right thing. Thanks!

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