Be “On Purpose”

 MEMO TO: All Professionals


Way back when I was a Naval Air Reservist, I saw the pilots going over their check lists every time they got into their airplane.  I remember thinking “don’t they know what they’re doing”?   They sure do, but they don’t leave even small details to chance or to recall.


I invite you to think back to when you were still new at your job. I’ll bet that when you approached your work it may have looked like this. You were prepared; you planned out the details, packed your sales kit, or planned the meeting. Then you went on a mission to lead the team, get new clients or whatever your job requires as an outcome.


Fast forward to the present: do you “wing it” most of the time or do you work without a checklist? Do you approach each situation with a plan or with an outcome in mind?


Be basic, make lists, take time to prepare and you will have greater confidence and greater success in all that you do.



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