5 MORE Tips For A “Recession Reinvention” that won’t cost any money


By Tom Kennedy  Tomt@kennedyccc.com

6. Get uncomfortable

This economy is making everyone uncomfortable.  Embrace it!  Step outside of your comfort zone and try something that scares you and gets your blood pumping.  This will certainly get the creative juices flowing and will lead to new ideas, insights and growth.  Your business will benefit greatly.


7. Give stuff away

No doubt you have a lot of wisdom that you may typically charge for.  Package it up and start giving some of it away.  It’s the best marketing you can do for your business right now.  Consider conducting a free seminar, write some articles, provide some pro bono work, offer some free consulting to your best customer or an influential prospect.  Watch how quickly it starts to spread and gets you noticed.


8. Recycle

No not your cans and plastic…old content.  Don’t waste valuable time and resources creating all new material when you may have some real gems that were created in the past.  Sift through your files, old blog posts, past presentations, seminars, etc and pull out the info that is still relevant today.  Update wherever necessary and repurpose it for use today.  Your new product or service may be hiding in one of those file cabinets right now.


9. Go surfing

It really is amazing how smart, creative and innovative you can become after spending as little as 10 minutes surfing the web.  Over the past several years there has been an explosion of sites, applications, tools, networks, technology etc that can help your business in countless ways.  Make it a habit everyday to block off some time to just explore what is out there.  I guarantee you’ll end the day smarter than when you started.  A few must visit sites/applications on my list include Mashable, Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Alltop, Stumble Upon, Technorati and Google Reader.


10. Play with your kids

This happens to be my favorite. When I find myself in a creative rut I often look no further than my four kids for some fresh innovation. If you don’t have kids then go borrow some for this exercise! Spread a bunch of miscellaneous stuff on the floor like blocks, paper, crayons, action figures, rubber balls, etc.  Get down on the floor and just start playing.  Observe what your kids do and how their minds work.  Work alongside them and let your imagination take over. Then wait…..  I guarantee you will walk away with something that you can apply in your business today.


Bonus # 11 – Have a “Grand Re-Opening”

There is so much bad news circulating around these days.  Don’t get sucked into it.  Celebrate your business any way you can.  Once you have completed your Recession Reinvention have a Grand Reopening event to create some buzz.  This can be an entirely virtual event conducted over the web or email and cost nothing.  If you’ve made some interesting changes to your business lately make sure the world knows about it. 


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