Can you increase your productivity by 50 %?

Maybe, just maybe, you can. Here is a tip that might help you to do just that.  Make a file of the “Stuff” you have to do. Include all of those things that are not Close to the Money”. I like those colored file folders for this or even better one of those accordion folders with the fold over flap and string.  Just chuck it all in there for now.


Deal with it away from your desk, phone, and computer. Go where you can’t be disturbed. A library or coffee shop can make this chore a break from the chaos of the daily office battle. When you are there, only work on the “Stuff” that is in the folder. I’ll bet that you get it done in 1/3 less time this way. You also gain more productive time when you are back in the office and you lose the start / stop of our interrupt driven world.


One Response to Can you increase your productivity by 50 %?

  1. I think you absolutely can. I stuck to these 4 guidlines to help me out.

    1.) Necessity – do first what is necessary
    2.) Practicality – add to my plans only what’s practical to get done in day..instead of spending valuable time writing everything that could be done.
    3.)Efficiency – do all like activities all at once.
    4.) Spontaneity – It’s important to be flexible.

    Most importantly though Is spend at least 20 minutes each day planning out your day, and don’t rush the planning process. This will give you 50% maybe more of increased productivity.


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