December 1, 2008


he fear of rejection or fear of failure can hold you back from building a successful business. Our fears need to be managed by building skills, and by practicing those skills to gain some confidence. Zig Zigler, motivational speaker, describes it with an acronym.






Many times it is our own “Head Trash” that holds us back. That little voice in our head can sabotage us if we are not careful. Our fears and concerns are nature’s way of alerting us that we may not be fully prepared to succeed. Instead of stopping us in our tracks, we should hear it as a signal to get help so that we can overcome our fears and build confidence.

Ø        Adults learn best by the Know, Show, and Do method.

Ø        You must know what to do

Ø        Someone can show you what to do

Then you must get out and practice the new skill

This is an excerpt from my book $elling Strategies for NON Sales Professionals. It is available on Amazon.com




Communications Skills 101

November 14, 2008

If you want to be a good communicator and also a good persuader you will need to learn to not try too hard!  That is surely counter intuitive. If people sense that you are trying to hard to persuade them they may resist you says Kurt Mortenson in his book; “Maximum Influence”. People need a reason to trust you before they will accept what you are saying.  Listening builds trust.


In order to listen well you will need to get comfortable with the silent spots in a conversation. When someone stops talking you will need to develop the discipline to keep quiet and be patient long enough for them to start speaking.  I once had a boss who was a master at this. It is unbelievable what you would wind up telling him just because he went silent.  People will open up to you if you create the conditions for that to happen.  When you learn from them what they are most interested in or concerned about then you will be able to give them a targeted response. This much more effective and persuasive than presenting a laundry list of things that you hope will win them over.


Introverts tend to listen more than they speak. That is because they need to think about their statement and responses. Studies have even shown that introverts often out persuade extroverts because they ask more questions and are inclined to listen more.


Try to listen more for the next week and then just see the results for yourself. It only takes a few weeks to develop a new and better habit.

Don’t be a Frustrated Business Owner

October 23, 2008


            Frustrated Company Owners and Managers that I have coached often tell me about certain employees who drift off of the objectives that have been established. These employees are modifying the boss’s message and making into something that they think that they should be doing.


            After listening to my clients for a bit, I’ll ask them “How often do you sit with this person to review the quality of their work and to give them feedback”? The answers I get vary from never, to rarely, to only when things are way off course. That is when I tell my clients that they are part of the problem.  Then I will coach them to set up regular review and feedback sessions with all key employees.


It seems that folks in leadership roles assume that their employees should be self managing. That, my friends, is rarely the case in reality.  So, resolve to take an active role in managing your staff. Both they and you will be pleased with the results.


It’s time to be PRO Active

October 6, 2008


……or else you will be Reacting to the coming changes in the economic picture over the next few quarters. Change can mean opportunity for you personally and professionally or it can bring you trouble.  As I write this the pundits are now saying that we are in a recession and the unemployment will go up. Will you be PRO Active or just wait to see what unfolds?


It’s been said that there are 3 types of business people.


  • Those who make things happen
  • Those who watch things happen


  • Those who say “what happened”?

Get face time with your clients and solidify your relationships.

Make it happen!


Commuter’s Perspective

September 16, 2008

My Brother is a successful Attorney. He decided to take a college level poetry writing class and here is his first piece. It hits home for him and me. I thought you may have some similar perspective setting event that it would be good to recollect while you are living your life.




7a.m, off to the office

bemoaning the daily grind

 … thinking back to July 1923

Michele Credico, grandfather, age 39

headed west

to the port of Naples from hilly

Santa Elia in Campobaso, Italy

4,000 miles across the Atlantic

to Ellis Island

            quarantine … foreign tongue

wife and 8 kids left behind.


post-war recession, had to find work,

a chance in the new world

metal foundry in Newark.

Never saw lovely Sarafina again

she died of infection

 after doctors bled her

to stop the fever.


earned enough to summon the kids

one by one

shipped to America

older boys first, breadwinners

            daughters, surrogate moms


Thank you Michele.

you are loved, grandpa

the seed sprouted in new soil.                                       


Be more like Mike

September 9, 2008

…and you will easily connect with people at Networking events, job fairs, etc.


Recently, I took the 2 ½ hour ferry ride to Nantucket. My normal traveling persona is to skip any casual conversation with strangers who just might decide to bend my ear for the whole trip. It is a good opportunity for me to read, think, or nap. So why take the risk?


Before the ferry left the dock a guy one booth away caught my attention by saying…

Hey, what’s your name?

I looked up & said Jim and went back to reading. A few minutes later, I heard:

Hey Jim, who’s your favorite comedian?

I said, Jerry Seinfeld and went back to reading again. He told me that his favorite was Lily Tomlin.


At that point, I now felt obligated to ask, “What’s your name?” He said Mike


“Hi Mike” says I and went back again to reading. A few minutes later I hear…

Hey Jim, tell me a story about you. I told him that I was visiting some friends on Nantucket.


Now I feel obligated to say, “Mike, tell me a story about you”. He says “I have cerebral palsy Jim, and I hate it.”


My heart melted for Mike & we chatted for a little longer before I told Mike that I needed to finish what I was reading.  Well, a few minutes later an undaunted Mike connected with a guy at the next table over and I heard:

“Hey, what’s your name?”…and Mike repeated his routine about who is your favorite comedian and all of that. This went on for most of the trip as Mike made new friends.


You can be more like Mike when you meet strangers at events that you are attending. Start with “Hi, my name is Jim and it says right here that you are Mike. Is that right?  ………….Who’s your favorite comedian Mike?”

What do you hope to get out of today’s event? Then you can tell them you goals for today and see where it goes from there.


Be more like Mike – Treat people warmly and show an interest in them…build some rapport with them. It makes doing business a whole lot easier when we are working with friends.


Be “On Purpose”

August 25, 2008

 MEMO TO: All Professionals


Way back when I was a Naval Air Reservist, I saw the pilots going over their check lists every time they got into their airplane.  I remember thinking “don’t they know what they’re doing”?   They sure do, but they don’t leave even small details to chance or to recall.


I invite you to think back to when you were still new at your job. I’ll bet that when you approached your work it may have looked like this. You were prepared; you planned out the details, packed your sales kit, or planned the meeting. Then you went on a mission to lead the team, get new clients or whatever your job requires as an outcome.


Fast forward to the present: do you “wing it” most of the time or do you work without a checklist? Do you approach each situation with a plan or with an outcome in mind?


Be basic, make lists, take time to prepare and you will have greater confidence and greater success in all that you do.


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