Here are the top 5 reasons that sales people quit

October 26, 2011

1. Lack of Training – training is an investment VS. an expense

2. Lack of Tools- CRM software, poor or no marketing material, no prospect lists, etc.

3. Lack of Support – poor team support, pressure & ridicule, etc

4. Lack of Leadership- good people quit the boss not the job. They need a leader with a plan!

5. Broken Promises- $$ , Changed Comp plan after X days, no help, etc

Don’t be a Frustrated Business Owner

October 23, 2008


            Frustrated Company Owners and Managers that I have coached often tell me about certain employees who drift off of the objectives that have been established. These employees are modifying the boss’s message and making into something that they think that they should be doing.


            After listening to my clients for a bit, I’ll ask them “How often do you sit with this person to review the quality of their work and to give them feedback”? The answers I get vary from never, to rarely, to only when things are way off course. That is when I tell my clients that they are part of the problem.  Then I will coach them to set up regular review and feedback sessions with all key employees.


It seems that folks in leadership roles assume that their employees should be self managing. That, my friends, is rarely the case in reality.  So, resolve to take an active role in managing your staff. Both they and you will be pleased with the results.


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