No Shoes – No Wi-Fi – No Cell service

July 15, 2008

At first I was annoyed when I learned there was no cell service at the mountain vacation resort. You see, this was to be a “working vacation” (is this an oxymoron?). There was Wi-Fi service, but it was in the main building which was a 1/4 mile from our unit. However, all of this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I re-learned (yes I have learned this a few times in the past) that I don’t have to be “in touch” all the time. Many peaceful mornings were mine to savor. I checked email only 4 times that week!


Guess what? The “crazy busy” feeling left me. I had a couple of potentially break through ideas for my business, read two books, and really relaxed. I was able to use my cell phone when we drove down to the flatlands to go into town or go sight seeing. I checked my messages, returned important calls, and promptly shut off my phone.


Try this sometime real soon. Find the off button for your “labor saving devices” like the cell phone and email. It will free you up from the non stop; interrupt driven, lifestyle that seems to be the pattern for many business professionals these days. Sometimes if you do less you actually get more from the experience…..and Oh Yeah,…kick off your shoes and go barefoot while you’re at it.


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