5 of 10 Tips For A “Recession Reinvention” that won’t cost any money

March 10, 2009

 There really couldn’t be a better time to make some changes in your business. What’s the down side? Is there really much risk? The poor economy is providing a great opportunity to experiment, shake things up and try out some new approaches that perhaps weren’t feasible in the past. Now I’m not suggesting that you blow up your entire business model and start over, but perhaps taking some of these steps below will create a new competitive advantage and position you for future success.

1. Buy from yourself…then from others When was the last time you strolled through your sales process like one of your prospects? You’d probably be quite surprised at what you’d learn if you did. Most likely you’ll find several things that you should change that weren’t as obvious to you before. Consider having a friend go undercover to play the role of potential buyer and interact with your sales team and then report back. Compare this experience with other businesses within and outside your industry. Take what works well from other businesses and apply it to yours.

 2. Make quick decisions Deliberating on important decisions is obviously an important thing to do, especially when business is not going well. However, procrastination seems to be prevalent these days because people are afraid to make the wrong decisions. This can quickly lead to paralysis. Trust your gut, make the best decision you can, and move on.

3. Break something We’ve all heard the expression “if it isn’t broken…” Forget it. Go break something in your business today that you know could be done a lot better. Maybe it’s a process, a service, your website, a product. Find something, smash it to pieces, and then rebuild it better than ever.

4. Kiss Keep it simple stupid…timeless advice. Now is not the time to make things complicated. Stick with the basics. Play to your strengths.

 5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. Are your sales pitches a cure for insomnia? Regardless of what business you’re in it should never be boring to your prospects and customers. Seth Godin always talks about being remarkable. Every business can do it. It really is a choice. Make a list of all the things that make you different from your competitors and then think of some really exciting ways to demonstrate it.

By Tom Kennedy – tom@kennedyccc.com – Look for the next 5 real soon

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