Selling Strategies for the NON Sales Professional is the title…

February 24, 2009

           ….of my book.   Running a service business is hard enough, but you also have to be able to sell your services in order to STAY in business. Who knew that you would need to have sales skills in addition to being good at your profession?


Sales training may NOT be what you need in order to succeed at developing your confidence and your selling skills. There are a number of things that you can do regularly to increase your contact with prospective customers. Some of them are:


  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • Learning how and where to network
  • Discover what “speed bumps” of yours are holding you back from selling your services effectively


Clients choose YOU before they hire you to perform a service for them. You must be able to sell yourself first. Check out my book on, or on my website to read an excerpt.

Better yet, get a copy of my book! You can be your own coach with this interactive workbook. I wrote it for you to be able to get much of what my clients get from me as their coach. Use the techniques that I share here and you will grow your business NOW!

I am passionate about helping people to succeed in their business. I will give you practical support for the price of a few Lattés.




Training without coaching is entertainment

January 5, 2009

I’ll bet that you’ve had this experience MANY times: you attend a training session or a workshop (or send your staff) and you get all excited; Sooo many great ideas; you can’t wait to get back to the office; everything is going to be different.  You are going to start doing things in new and better ways. Then, three weeks later what happened?  Probably nothing!


Now, I know that lots of very smart, very hard working folks put together the training programs that we all enjoy – I’ve put on quite a few myself.  But in my heart of hearts, I know that it isn’t likely to add up to much in the way of REAL / SUSTAINABLE change.  Most trainers know this as well which is why so much of training is coming to be called “edu-tainment”. 


There is a reason this happens.  We always adapt to our environment. Since your current environment was designed by the “old you”, you will naturally adapt back to it and most of your insights and big ideas will fade into memory. In addition the pressures in the “real world” tend to mount up quickly and so you jump back into familiar behavior patterns.


The solution …… environmental design coaching that is all about supporting YOU.  If your coach is there to help you make significant changes to your environment or to your behaviors in order to support the “inside” changes you made at the conference, lasting results become the natural outcome. It takes time, support and feedback to make behavioral changes.


If you are going to invest in training, then hire a coach to help you cement that positive changes that you wish to make.

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