Commuter’s Perspective

September 16, 2008

My Brother is a successful Attorney. He decided to take a college level poetry writing class and here is his first piece. It hits home for him and me. I thought you may have some similar perspective setting event that it would be good to recollect while you are living your life.




7a.m, off to the office

bemoaning the daily grind

 … thinking back to July 1923

Michele Credico, grandfather, age 39

headed west

to the port of Naples from hilly

Santa Elia in Campobaso, Italy

4,000 miles across the Atlantic

to Ellis Island

            quarantine … foreign tongue

wife and 8 kids left behind.


post-war recession, had to find work,

a chance in the new world

metal foundry in Newark.

Never saw lovely Sarafina again

she died of infection

 after doctors bled her

to stop the fever.


earned enough to summon the kids

one by one

shipped to America

older boys first, breadwinners

            daughters, surrogate moms


Thank you Michele.

you are loved, grandpa

the seed sprouted in new soil.                                       



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