Here are the top 5 reasons that sales people quit

October 26, 2011

1. Lack of Training – training is an investment VS. an expense

2. Lack of Tools- CRM software, poor or no marketing material, no prospect lists, etc.

3. Lack of Support – poor team support, pressure & ridicule, etc

4. Lack of Leadership- good people quit the boss not the job. They need a leader with a plan!

5. Broken Promises- $$ , Changed Comp plan after X days, no help, etc


These are the times that try men’s souls

April 16, 2009


Has the time come for you to reinvent yourself or to get your skills updated? I have done so several times myself.
Brian Tracy, Motivator and Speaker talks about “Zero Based Thinking”. It means knowing what you know now, what would you do more of, less of or perhaps not at all? I recommend that you do this each quarter. Is it time to drop some activities or to take a new direction? Do this exercise ASAP. Then TAKE ACTION
I am currently working on an EBook and exploring 2 new business ventures and I recently got some good press in a Staffing Industry Magazine.
Working with an Executive Coach, SI Review April 2009
Posted Date: 3/31/2009
Issue: Staffing Industry Review Magazine
April 2009 Issue
How about you? Do you want and deserve a higher and better vision for yourself. Do you need to break out of a rut?
• Review your goals – are you on target?
• Block time on your calendar each week for the most important activities.
• Indulge in self care. Take care of yourself
• Get yourself a Coach or an Accountability Partner


December 1, 2008


he fear of rejection or fear of failure can hold you back from building a successful business. Our fears need to be managed by building skills, and by practicing those skills to gain some confidence. Zig Zigler, motivational speaker, describes it with an acronym.






Many times it is our own “Head Trash” that holds us back. That little voice in our head can sabotage us if we are not careful. Our fears and concerns are nature’s way of alerting us that we may not be fully prepared to succeed. Instead of stopping us in our tracks, we should hear it as a signal to get help so that we can overcome our fears and build confidence.

Ø        Adults learn best by the Know, Show, and Do method.

Ø        You must know what to do

Ø        Someone can show you what to do

Then you must get out and practice the new skill

This is an excerpt from my book $elling Strategies for NON Sales Professionals. It is available on



It’s time to be PRO Active

October 6, 2008


……or else you will be Reacting to the coming changes in the economic picture over the next few quarters. Change can mean opportunity for you personally and professionally or it can bring you trouble.  As I write this the pundits are now saying that we are in a recession and the unemployment will go up. Will you be PRO Active or just wait to see what unfolds?


It’s been said that there are 3 types of business people.


  • Those who make things happen
  • Those who watch things happen


  • Those who say “what happened”?

Get face time with your clients and solidify your relationships.

Make it happen!


What you Gonna do for me???

July 29, 2008

A woman stood up and interrupted a local politician who was speaking about all the wonderful things that his administration was doing for the community.


  “I’m a single mother with 3 kids and I wanna know…What you gonna do for ME?


Our clients, employees, or our bosses don’t usually shout that out in our presence, but you can bet that is what they are thinking. Whoever your “customer’ is you need to be answering that question for them or there is no lasting relationship. Take the time to strategize about what your target audience wants. Then be sure to deliver that to them and you will close more deals, have more productive employees, or a happier boss.


It’s not real complicated. You get what you want by helping others to get what they want.


No Shoes – No Wi-Fi – No Cell service

July 15, 2008

At first I was annoyed when I learned there was no cell service at the mountain vacation resort. You see, this was to be a “working vacation” (is this an oxymoron?). There was Wi-Fi service, but it was in the main building which was a 1/4 mile from our unit. However, all of this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I re-learned (yes I have learned this a few times in the past) that I don’t have to be “in touch” all the time. Many peaceful mornings were mine to savor. I checked email only 4 times that week!


Guess what? The “crazy busy” feeling left me. I had a couple of potentially break through ideas for my business, read two books, and really relaxed. I was able to use my cell phone when we drove down to the flatlands to go into town or go sight seeing. I checked my messages, returned important calls, and promptly shut off my phone.


Try this sometime real soon. Find the off button for your “labor saving devices” like the cell phone and email. It will free you up from the non stop; interrupt driven, lifestyle that seems to be the pattern for many business professionals these days. Sometimes if you do less you actually get more from the experience…..and Oh Yeah,…kick off your shoes and go barefoot while you’re at it.

Quit Wishin’ & Hopin’

June 22, 2008

 …..that business will get better. Get out there, create a sales process, and stick to it. When I work with a very small business (just the owner or the owner and a couple of employees) I’ll often find that the owner started off with a plan to bring in business, but they get a little weary and then slack off.  They need to pick the kids up, or the car isn’t running well, or there is SOOOooo much stuff to do in the office that they just can’t get out there often for the purpose of business development. UGH!  Then business dries up and they hit the road again to stir things up and then the cycle repeats.  It is important to have a plan and to work that plan. Schedule your time so that you always do the business development part. You can catch up with paperwork in non prime time or on the weekend. It takes a massive effort to get a business rolling, if you coast too long you may start a slide that is steeper than you imagine.

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